Eric Mack- Windows Mobile or Palm?

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Productivity guru and technologist Eric Mack is rethinking his mobile computing needs and has opened up a discussion of whether he should drop the Palm platform and consider a Windows Mobile smartphone.  Help Eric out by adding a comment to his post with your thoughts on the subject, he needs some sage advice.  He’s listed his needs in a smartphone:

  • Hardware options from several vendors
  • Notes Database Integration (I use iAnywhere & mNotes suites) 
  • Possibly more RAM than I have on my Treo 
  • Promise of more supported business applications 
  • Multitasking between applications 
  • GPS Integration on some models 
  • Talk and use data features concurrently (some networks) 
  • Pocket VPN Client for major firewalls 
  • Skype IM 
  • SameTime IM 
  • And most important to me: EVDO Rev A.

That last one might be the limiter, there’s currently not many phones that offer Rev A.

1 Comment

Ito Rattner

Did not you have enough of Mr. Gates?

Now, seriously, 2 years ago I was in the same croassroads than you, after being a Palmadict since the early newton days, I made the worst mistake in my life and changed to an IPaq 4100 with windows mobile, since then my notes are not my notes, my reminders are not my reminders, no priorities and not warez at all.

The name is versatility, and user friendly that’s athing that Palm is and Windows mobile is not.

Keep your Palm, if I had the money I will buy a Palm Life Drive with 4G with bluetooth integration and connect with my mobile phone.


Long time whipper

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