Eric Mack- Windows Mobile or Palm?

Productivity guru and technologist Eric Mack is rethinking his mobile computing needs and has opened up a discussion of whether he should drop the Palm platform and consider a Windows Mobile smartphone.  Help Eric out by adding a comment to his post with your thoughts on the subject, he needs some sage advice.  He’s listed his needs in a smartphone:

  • Hardware options from several vendors
  • Notes Database Integration (I use iAnywhere & mNotes suites) 
  • Possibly more RAM than I have on my Treo 
  • Promise of more supported business applications 
  • Multitasking between applications 
  • GPS Integration on some models 
  • Talk and use data features concurrently (some networks) 
  • Pocket VPN Client for major firewalls 
  • Skype IM 
  • SameTime IM 
  • And most important to me: EVDO Rev A.

That last one might be the limiter, there’s currently not many phones that offer Rev A.


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