Ben Heckendorn builds an Xbox laptop


We told you about the Xbox screen from Hori that clips onto the side of the Xbox 360 to provide a semi-mobile gaming solution but Ben Heckendorn of has gone whole hog and has built an Xbox laptop.  Engadget is hosting a 3 part series from Ben showing us all how to make one so if you want to take your Xbox 360 apart to cannibalize it don’t miss it.  It looks really cool, I’ll give Ben that.



James Kendrick

OK, the post has been updated to reflect it’s Ben’s project. Sorry for the confusion. You have to understand I do this in my spare time and it sometimes takes a while before I’m in a position to correct something like this.

Green Giant

Engadget aren’t building anything. This is benheck’s work.

Aaron Walker

James, you are a true gamer! Kuddos for picking this up and posting it.

I think the device is cool and Microsoft out to think about coming out with their own Xbox 360 branded notebook running Vista AND allows you to play your 360 games.

Not beyond the realm of possibilities.

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