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Skin Google Reader in OS X Browsers

If you’ve chosen Google Reader as your RSS ‘app’ then this little tidbit may be pretty interesting to you. Jon Hicks has been laboring over a sweet skin for Google Reader, making it look (and function) much more OS X-like. Read his post on it here, and see what your next steps should be.

5 Responses to “Skin Google Reader in OS X Browsers”

  1. I think I was looking at the same link on earlier today but when I tried to go back to provide the link for this post it was showing a 403. Although I like the variety of google apps, I don’t tend to use them and I think that’s for 2 reasons. One reason is the lack of a need for things that a Mac will do already (and with .mac account) and the other reason is the appearance. I would like to see the link available later and will check back.
    By the way, does anyone use google talk through iChat? I have family out of state that I would like to communicate with and I want to keep it simple for them. I have iChat but they all use gmail, so I figured that it would be easy for them to just open google talk when needed and my constantly open iChat would see them. Is there a better way than using an AIM name on their side to communicate with mt iChat?