Off topic- the Virginia Tech tragedy

No doubt everyone has heard about the tragedy at Virginia Tech yesterday where a madman walked on campus and killed 32 people, wounded many others and then turned the gun on himself.  It’s just so senseless that decent people will never understand what motivates someone to do such a heinous thing to fellow human beings.  Unfortunately, now begins the debacle that we will surely see that follows tragedy like this.  The news media has already begun greasing the wheels of the legal system by jumping on the question why the university didn’t notify students sooner of the danger as the situation played out.  The first two news accounts I read of the tragedy were playing up the "university at fault" meme by the third or fourth paragraph.  Soon we will see TV news reporters offering up experts who will make claims that some of the victims would likely have been saved if earlier warnings had been given by Virginia Tech officials.  A monster walks onto campus killing people indiscriminately and we blame the university.  When did we as a society come to expect the authorities in our lives to protect us from absolutely everything?  Ask anyone living in a Middle Eastern hotspot and they’ll tell you there is no total protection from madmen.

What’s even sadder than the tragedy is the scores of lawyers who were no doubt contacting the victim’s families before the bodies were even cold.  It won’t be long before we see dozens of lawsuits filed against Virginia Tech for not protecting (or warning) their loved one quickly enough.  Oh they’ll sue the madman’s family too to make it look like they’re not after the money but the lawyers will make sure they sue the university with the deeper pockets.  This whole cycle sickens me as much as the act of the evil madman who perpetrated the act.  Bad people do bad things, why does someone have to get money as a result?

My heart goes out to the families of the victims and even the shooter.  No one can understand the depth of your loss.


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