Make Quicksilver Fully Replace OverFlow


I’ve discussed in the past, the use of OverFlow for replacing my Login Items within OS X. Some people really don’t like to load up their Login Items, leaving OverFlow as a nice alternative for launching those essential apps whenever they’re needed. Several people voiced their thoughts on using Quicksilver, but in my experience it hasn’t quite cut the mustard for launching several apps quickly.

When I came across this amazing display of Quicksilver-Foo, I was very much in awe. Essentially you create .qs commands and load several of them into Quicksilver at once. Add a Trigger to the mix and you’ve got a mega launcher. Pretty interesting stuff – but have as much RAM as you can muster.

Oh, and then bow to the ingenuity of Vacuous Virtuoso…



The gist of the Quicksilver tip (which I’m definitely going to use!) appears to be performing several tasks (or at least opening several items) at once by treating them as one thing.

But the comparison to OverFlow is kind of confusing. I’m not aware of similar functionality in OverFlow. Is there a way to open all things in the same OverFlow group with one keystroke or click? I’ve tried it out and read the help file. Have I missed something?


I have a large number of apps and menubar items that I like to have launch at each boot, but rather than dump them all in Login Items, I created an Automator action that launches them for me. It launches them sequentially instead of all at once, I can control their launch order, and I can make certain apps hide themselves with some AppleScript.


Quicksilver seems to have a very advanced underlying layer of complex functions that can be used to simplify tasks. Although I’m comfortable with the way I use it now, I always look forward to more. Thanks for the post.

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