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Ferrell Hits Homer, Foul Ball in Web Debut

Will Ferrell is an internet video star without even trying. Screwing around on camera with business parter Adam McKay, Ferrell took 45 minutes to create a hilarious short that was an instant hit on a brand-new site, with little to no promotion. Since being posted last week, “The Landlord,” in which McKay’s toddler daughter berates Ferrell for being late on his rent, has been seen more than 2.5 million times.

But can Will Ferrell be an internet video mogul without even trying? That remains to be seen. He and McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions, facilitated by talent agency CAA and funded by YouTube’s VC firm, Sequoia Capital, have launched Funny or Die, a comedy video-sharing site, according to various reports. The site, unfortunately, is pretty poorly designed and doesn’t allow embeds (so don’t try to click on the image to the left, it’s just a screen shot).

But the spirit of the venture is right. “It’s just us,” McKay told the Los Angeles Times. “That’s the fun — this isn’t brought to you by GE or Viacom or whoever.”

Funny or Die, which calls itself a “collaborative effort of people in Silicon Valley and in Hollywood,” promises to promote videos based on popularity votes (and banish those its audience doesn’t like). It also says it will feature established comics.

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  1. First comment didn’t show up (do they have to be approved?) so I’m reposting this:

    Actually they do allow embeds for everything


    And up till yesterday you could embed the Landlord video too but I guess it’s costing them too much bandwidth and/or they want people to come directly to their site so it looks like they disabled it just for that video.

    The design is pretty awful but it’s interesting that these actors/comedians are trying to launch their own stuff lately. I’d be much more interested in a Will/Adam video blog which I’d reckon would be hugely and immediately successful.