Dell rejoining the handheld market with a smartphone?


Dell_logoDigiTimes seems to think so, but I’m a wee bit skeptical for a few reasons. First off, why drop your current handheld line if you’re going to enhance it? That’s not good for brand recognition, in my opinion. Second: we’ve already got a big player jumping into the very complex phone market this year; I wouldn’t want to be a new player in the market the year Apple decided to join in.

Still, DigiTimes reports that Quanta is going to manufacture a Dell phone under the "Fly" concept, whatever that means. The device expectations make sense to me: Windows Mobiles 6, HSDPA support and a possible QWERTY keyboard; something none of the Dell Axim’s ever had. If DigiTimes’ source is correct we might see a Dell phone before the year end. I’ll set a reminder to start watching the FCC site in 3Q. ;)



Actually, I think Apple’s entry into the phone market means the big PC makers should seriously contemplate jumping in or risk being left out of the next wave of convergence. The iPhone runs a version of OS X. So does AppleTV. Both are wifi-enabled. Put that together and potentially an all-Apple household could seamlessly share data across phone, TV and computer, and perhaps share computing power via XGrid. These new TV and phone offerings from Apple do not yet offer these capabilities, but they are laying the groundwork for that future. If Dell and the others wish to compete against that future, they need to start preparing against it today.


or the year that Google weighed in ;) – tbh I think Dell have enough to worry about with core product and customer service issues without worrying about entering a market in which most vendors first devices carry a significant support and returns burden.

more Dell Hell on the way ?

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