Dell rejoining the handheld market with a smartphone?

Dell_logoDigiTimes seems to think so, but I’m a wee bit skeptical for a few reasons. First off, why drop your current handheld line if you’re going to enhance it? That’s not good for brand recognition, in my opinion. Second: we’ve already got a big player jumping into the very complex phone market this year; I wouldn’t want to be a new player in the market the year Apple decided to join in.

Still, DigiTimes reports that Quanta is going to manufacture a Dell phone under the "Fly" concept, whatever that means. The device expectations make sense to me: Windows Mobiles 6, HSDPA support and a possible QWERTY keyboard; something none of the Dell Axim’s ever had. If DigiTimes’ source is correct we might see a Dell phone before the year end. I’ll set a reminder to start watching the FCC site in 3Q. ;)


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