CNET reviews Flipstart: 7 out of 10


Vulcan_flipstartYou know a review is going to set me off when it starts with these lines:

"Pity the poor UMPC. The much-hyped ultramobile PC has been hailed asthe next big thing for a couple of years now, without ever turning outa product that comes close to being useful in real-world situations,thanks to clunky interfaces, high prices, and poor battery life."

Once you get past CNET’s open shot across the bow of the UMPC market, the Flipstart review is a good read for anyone considering the device among the many small, portable computing device choices we have. From a pure benchmark perspective, the Flipstart generally held it’s own against a Sony UX, an Asus R2H and a Sony budget laptop. Final verdict from CNET: 7 out of 10. If you want your own look at the Flipstart, James has one on YouTube right here.


Alan Pozner

CNET really doesn’t GET the whole UMPC thing. I view it as a sacrifice in keyboard input ease in exchange for one-handed standup usage, the touch screen and wireless connectivity. The fact that they like the FlipStart, which can’t be one-handed, better than the Sony and the Asus proves this.

To all UMPC reviewers – Give up the b*tches about no keyboard or tiny keyboard. UMPCs are best as browsers, email readers, presentations, media playing, etc. All of which do not require keyboard input at all. When you need a real keyboard, may I suggest the fabulous Stowaway Sierra [bluetooth connectivity to your UMPC and smaller than a deck of cards!]


Nobody I know knows what a umpc is. If folk don’t know what it is, how are they ever going to get it? I think we sometimes forget just what a tech ghetto we live in.


Does that mean that CNET has finally decided to divorce from the real world ? What kind of coffee their editorial staff is on ? I’d like to know because it looks like its reality altering.

There are so many scenarios and real world situations in which UMPCS are being used today from artists, musicians to real executives, researchers and doctors that I fail to understand CNET’s refutal and clear trial of the UMPCs.

But then again, as long as Dan Ackerman is going to be doing the reviewing, we will continue to get these poor and amateurish views. There I said it!

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