CNET reviews Flipstart: 7 out of 10

Vulcan_flipstartYou know a review is going to set me off when it starts with these lines:

"Pity the poor UMPC. The much-hyped ultramobile PC has been hailed asthe next big thing for a couple of years now, without ever turning outa product that comes close to being useful in real-world situations,thanks to clunky interfaces, high prices, and poor battery life."

Once you get past CNET’s open shot across the bow of the UMPC market, the Flipstart review is a good read for anyone considering the device among the many small, portable computing device choices we have. From a pure benchmark perspective, the Flipstart generally held it’s own against a Sony UX, an Asus R2H and a Sony budget laptop. Final verdict from CNET: 7 out of 10. If you want your own look at the Flipstart, James has one on YouTube right here.


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