Canucks get video-calls first in North America


Video_callThey might not currently have the Stanley Cup thanks to Carolina last year, but they do have video calling on handsets thanks to Rogers Wireless. Canada is the first nation in North America to have true video calls on cells; the service is provided over the HSDPA network offered by Rogers. First video caller? Who else but native Canadian, Captain Kirk William Shatner, who we all know invented the wildly successful StarTAC way back in the late sixties with his Star Trek communicator.

I know we have a few readers from above our northern border: anybody have any more details on the actual phones that can use the service? Bonus points if you’ve used it yourself, and of course, you hit the jackpot if the Starfleet called you on Shatner’s video phone. ;)


Benjamin Ries

Report from Canada…

It also isn’t clear that either our GSM providers: Rogers, Fido (a metro-focussed Rogers subsidiary now), or our CDMA providers: Bell, Telus, Virgin Mobile, etc. offer any reasonable data rate plans. Certainly none of these providers, to my knowledge, offer an unlimited data package to consumers. Telus made an exception for its “hiptop” devices a while ago. It seems like Rogers is doing the same for its video phones, offering “3 years free video calling” with purchase of certain phones.


Moreover, the video coverage appears to be very limited to the Toronto region and surroundings.

Chris Magnusson

As of five days ago, I have two Rogers HSDPA sim cards. Unfortunately, one of them is in a JAMin, which only goes up to Edge speeds. The other one, however, is in a Treo 750v but there ain’t no HSDPA here for a good, looooong while so I won’t be able to use it anytime soon unless I visit Ontario. We likely won’t even have EVDO here for at least a year, and Telus (occasionally) moves faster than Rogers/Fido.

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