YouTube Pranked by Aussie Teen


A 15-year-old Australian teenager sent a takedown request purporting to be from the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) to YouTube requesting that hundreds of clips featuring The Chasers War on Everything be pulled — and was largely successful, according to Mashable. The teen has since apologized for the prank.

Of course, ABC had nothing to do with this, as their wish is “to get our content out there on as many platforms as possible, run by as many different operators as possible,” as arts, entertainment and comedy head Courtney Gibson assured the Syndey Morning Herald. I had actually seen clips of Chasers in the past, like the one above, and liken it to The Daily Show but with charming accents.

The youngster is now liable for the crime of perjury, and ABC is busy checking with their legal team. While it’s certainly a laughable gaffe on YouTube’s part, and probably scared the crap out of users who got warnings about their accounts, I can’t imagine they’re liable in any way. But they may want to modify their mysterious takedown policy procedures.

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