Sing the MacBook song with me…


Macbookpro…to the classic 1963 tune of "My Boyfriend’s Back" by The Angels.

‘My MacBook’s back and the RAM mod was the trouble,
hey-la-day-la, my MacBook’s back.
Just one crash now, hope it doesn’t double,
hey-la-day-la, my MacBook’s back!’

For those that bet on a bad RAM module, you win…well…absolutely nothing more than the satisfaction of an "I told you so". In fairness, the first time I called the issue in, I explained that the hardware test was failing on the memory. I wish someone in the Apple store had just switched the RAM in the first place, but that’s life. Kudos to DHL and the Apple repair center in Houston: the MBP was picked up at my home on Tuesday and returned to me on Friday. Awesome! Now let’s just hope that was the only problem. ;)


Mike Whalen

You’ve had a crash? Ugh. I hope you don’t have any further crashes. To be a bit honest here, I’ve not had any on my MacBook. I don’t think you should have any too! :-(


I hope they solved it correctly. (“RAM module” can sometimes end up getting used as a scapegoat if it *seems* to solve the intermittent problem the first few times.) Redo the ram test. Within a couple of days you should know for sure. I’m actually quite surprised that they didn’t try this at the Apple Store in the first place. It’s a pretty basic kneejerk response to this kind of problem. I guess if they couldn’t reproduce the problem there would be no point, because they wouldn’t know if they had solved it. Or maybe their knees just weren’t jerking that day. Hope it works out.


hard to believe anyone would conclude this was good support. Simple problem-should be once and done.

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