Sing the MacBook song with me…

Macbookpro…to the classic 1963 tune of "My Boyfriend’s Back" by The Angels.

‘My MacBook’s back and the RAM mod was the trouble,
hey-la-day-la, my MacBook’s back.
Just one crash now, hope it doesn’t double,
hey-la-day-la, my MacBook’s back!’

For those that bet on a bad RAM module, you win…well…absolutely nothing more than the satisfaction of an "I told you so". In fairness, the first time I called the issue in, I explained that the hardware test was failing on the memory. I wish someone in the Apple store had just switched the RAM in the first place, but that’s life. Kudos to DHL and the Apple repair center in Houston: the MBP was picked up at my home on Tuesday and returned to me on Friday. Awesome! Now let’s just hope that was the only problem. ;)


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