Orb MyCasting now compatible with Nokia’s N800

N800_orbJust saw on Twitter that the folks at Orb have teamed with Nokia to offer Orb’s MyCasting functions for the N800. This makes the N800 even more compelling due to the Orb feature set. Orb provides the ability to stream music, photos, live television and videos from a host PC to your mobile device. I always thought Orb on a UMPC or Windows Mobile handheld was awesome; viewing content on the Nokia’s larger screen should rock!

Nokia has a press release  about the new software here; you can download Orb for your N800 directly from the Orb site. Bear in mind that you’ll need Orb on a host PC as well; if you plan to stream a television signal, you’ll need a compatible tuner card in the PC.

(via Twitter from Palmsolo and The Mobile Gadgeteer)


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