Linux gains quiet momentum in the mobile market


Linux_penguinFor several years folks have turned to Linux on desktops and servers; unknown to most mainstream consumers, many of their mobile devices have run Linux or some form of it. A large number of cellular phones are Linux-based; I think my HD DVR from Dish Network runs it as well. You’d never know it unless someone told you, but Linux is around more than people realize.

Joining Palm’s recent announcement of a Linux-based mobile OS as well as Nokia moving forward with their 770 and N800 Internet Tablets that run Linux, Intel is joining the fray with planned devices that will run Linux. Most interesting is that Intel partnered with Microsoft on the Origami platform but is adding another avenue down the mobile device road. Right now there’s too much news to digest, so why not join me at UMPC Portal, where Steve is covering the info. As the details emerge, you can bet we’ll have plenty of commentary on these expected 4- to 6-inch screened devices running Linux or an embedded OS. Perhaps Microsoft isn’t on the sidelines just yet and we’ll see XPe on these…..this is getting interesting!


Steve Paine

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. These MIDs are not just Linux devices but could in fact have any ‘optimised’ OS on them. XPe included. The idea is that the footprint is smaller, the CPU load is smaller and the focus is on the browser and easy UI.
You’re also right when you say ‘another avenue.’ I don’t think anyone expects Intel to go Linux-only on UMPCs just yet.

1st of the keynotes is in about 7 hours my my calculations. Its going to be a long long night!


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