IDF not just about processors, more WiMAX details too


Intel_insideIt’s easy to get lost in all of the new processor news from IDF, seein’ how we’ll definitely have more ultra-mobile PC options come next year. Don’t overlook Intel’s role in WiMAX however, which should compete with EV-DO, HSDPA and just about every other wireless acronym you can think of. The ArsTechnica folks must have their passports stamped with a Visa from China, because they’ve got a full rundown on the WiMAX plans from the IDF.

Montevina is the platform name and 2008 starts the long-range mobile game. The chipset will be backwards compatible with 802.11 b, g and n and sport a Core 2 Duo on the thinner 45 mm chip fab with more L2 cache. The real gain for mobile warriors is in the expected 2 to 4 Mbps downloads the WiMAX is expected to bring; Intel: don’t forget the small form factor notebooks, ‘k?

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