I Stream, UStream, We All Stream @Web2.0

You can’t walk very far without being caught on camera at the Web 2.0 Expo, being held at Moscone in San Francisco this week. Today, Jeremiah Owyang of PodTech had his tripod fixed on the third-floor, live-streaming tables upon tables of lunching attendees. I stopped by to ask him what he was doing and he swung the camera around to beam down on our chat.

“Editing seems so yesterday, now,” said Owyang, though he admitted he couldn’t imagine anyone, ever, watching an archive of his recording.

At the next table, his coworker Robert Scoble was sporting a Justin.tv-esque hat-cam from Ustream, the Justin.tv competition. He said about 20 people were following him in a Ustream chatroom. It was some kind of crazy meta-voyeurism to look down at his laptop and see what they were saying.

Online video was also the topic of a panel I led in the morning.

I was informed by the conference organizers that audio and video of the panel will not be published. Which is too bad, cause there was a lot of cat-flushing and beer can-projecting talk that I didn’t manage to capture in my notes. Here are some quotes and paraphrases I was able to take down:

What works online in terms of content?

“Authenticity works.” — Erick Hachenburg, CEO Metacafe

Where do people watch your shows?

iPod, television, and computer, in that order. — Jay Adelson, CEO Revision3

Primarily on our site and through our feed. — Howard Lindzon, founder Wallstrip

What works in terms of monetization?

“As someone who made 100 percent of my salary through pre-roll ads last year, I agree [they are dead].” — Mark Siry, VP of product management and design at nbbc

Forty percent of Revision3 watchers say they have bought a product because of a spot on Revision3, 85 percent recognize sponsors’ names, and 75 percent say they’d be OK with pre-roll ads. — Jay Adelson

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