Don’t forget the Windows Mobility Center


That’s the premise behind a post by Long Zheng of istartedsomething and it’s a good one to take to heart if you’re running Vista on a mobile PC.  The Mobility Center is a good dashboard for controlling all the mobility aspects of your computing experience like the display, battery and WiFi.  Long is correct in pointing out that the Mobility Center is designed to be operated simply with just a single click (or tap) to make changes to your computing environment on the fly.  It’s especially useful on mobile PCs with a touch screen as you can easily tap the screen to change settings on the fly.  I have to admit I was forgetting about the Mobility Center until I added it to the Fujitsu utility menu, now I can invoke it by tapping on the menu.  You can also easily send it to the desktop from the Control Panel or drag it to the Quick Launch bar so it’s always accessible.



Shane Conder

A single tap on the Vista battery icon in the special tray section will show your power profile options, of course, but it also has a link to Windows Mobility Center.

Rob – Thanks for Win-X; that’s the easiest with the keyboard.

Rob Bushway

also – assign a pen flick to the Start X in Flick control panel under Control Panel / Tablet and Pen Settings

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