Boy Genius unboxes the HTC Advantage


The HTC Advantage has a lot of mobile gear aficionados chomping at the bit for obvious reasons.  It’s a Windows Mobile device that looks like a mini-laptop when connected to the detachable keyboard and it has connectivity capabilities out the wazoo.  It’s certainly one of the most innovative PDA devices ever released and HTC is pushing the envelope and testing the waters with the Advantage.  The Boy Genius Report website has posted their first impressions and a lot of unboxing photos of the Advantage for those who can’t wait to see it.  What does the Boy Genius think about the Advantage?

Too big to be called a true "Pocket" PC, and too small to be considereda full on laptop, HTC’s X7500 tries to bridge the gap between UMPC’sand smartphones. How do they fare? In my opinion not well, and here’swhy. The HTC X7500 is large, but not that big where it’s not portableobviously, the problem I see is the price point.




Thanks for the post but I wonder will the device has a nice tablet function or it is as clumsy as the rest of Pocket PC in terms of handwriting? Many thanks!


I can see this being an excellent device in some areas. Certainly it would make one heck of an ebook reader, web browser, and media device. BUT, to be locked into carrying something that big at all times when many new smartphones (Samsung Blackjack)and ppc phones ( HTC P3600) have many of the same capabilities (albeit with smaller screens) while being smaller and lighter makes little sense to me. In addition, when you can get a Q1P or a refurb Sony UX280P for the same or less the choice seems clear to me.

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