GOOG-DCLK Deal Spurs Other Potential Deals, Or At Least Stock Prices

Well, the same was said after Google bought YouTube, but didn’t happen. But at least on the online ad side, some of these are big businesses, unlike others on the video sharing side. Today stock prices of other public online ad companies surged up: aQuantive jumping 12.2 percent, Real Media up 10.6 percent and ValueClick gaining 2.3 percent, reports Reuters.
One of the most talked about potential pairings is Microsoft and aQuantive, a full service online ad agency that has a creative division, buys and sell ad space, offers direct marketing services and tracks online campaigns. AQuantive is also based in Seattle, near Microsoft’s campus.
Or even if there are no suitors, aQuantive and others could benefit from the Google-DoubleClick deal since marketers are often wary of putting too much control in the hands of one advertising company, the story said quoting analysts.

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