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4 bits from Web 2.0 Expo

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There is nothing I can say about the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco that hasn’t already been said before. And if you didn’t read it, then you perhaps watched it live. Here are some news snippets that you might be worth your time, and need further exploration.

  • Mixercast is a new service allows you to remix your photos and videos and present them as a hybrid show – that is more than a pure slide show and less than a full blown video. Inspired by the photocasting concept popularized by Apple, it is a lush, rich and attractive service that allows you to mix-and-match photos and videos on your desktop with those on popular web services such as Flickr and YouTube. Trust me – they will make your photos and videos look like a million bucks. A full review when the Web 2.0 Expo madness ends.
  • Tomorrow you will get to hear about Gaia Online, which is one of the fastest growing teen hangouts on the web. It is not for readers of this blog, but it has more stickiness than MySpace and is growing at a break neck speed. Its like Second Life, but with many millions of users who are living in this metaverse.
  • Tellme is going to offer search via text, voice and data on your mobile phones, starting tomorrow.
  • SoonR is now able to offer access to your Mac and PC via the browser on Nokia’s S60 version 3 devices starting tomorrow.
  • For everything else, read Steve Rubel’s post.

5 Responses to “4 bits from Web 2.0 Expo”

  1. Discounting the link to a PR bloggers take on a conference across the country – the event itself was an interesting mix of people and companies, with a little taste of 1999.

    The panels, though, were pretty good with some insight from vidcasters (moderated by Giga Liz), the social networks, business blogging, and others.

    It’s like any event, though. You take out what you need, and wonder about the rest.