Random musings of no importance

JK_100pixIt’s the kind of weekend that has me thinking about goofy stuff that doesn’t really matter but I have to get them out of my system.  Here they are in no particular order:

As bad as the food is at McDonald’s why are their French fries so much better than other fast food chains?  They’re just so golden brown and tasty.  Why haven’t the other food chains figured out how they do it by now?

Speaking of McDonald’s, ever notice how the beeping of the fry machines sounds just like the beeping of life support machines in the intensive care units in hospitals?  I guess that’s kind of appropriate, isn’t it?

Why does the gas pump ask if you want your transaction to be debit or credit?  The only difference at the gas pump is if you choose debit you have to enter your PIN number.  Credit you don’t so why ask?  And why would you choose debit?

Why do people who can’t even operate an electric can opener think they can scan their own groceries at the U-Scan lane in the store?  While the line of people behind them wait for the employees to help them, of course.

As great as the MacBook Pro is there’s nothing better than sitting in the easy chair in front of the basketball game using the Tablet PC like I am now.  It can’t be beat.

Why is Saturday Night Live so bad?  Is the current show so bad due to the lack of star quality or due to bad writing?  Or all of the above?  Remember Jim John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Gilda Radner and Chevy Chase?  There’s nothing memorable about any of the shows today.

Why do kid’s sport leagues let every team in the division into the playoffs?  Doesn’t that make the whole regular season pointless?  Just ask your kid and he/she will tell you the regular season games don’t matter.

Speaking of kids why do schools try to eliminate competition in schools?  Is it just to protect kid’s delicate psyches or does it stem from the belief that competition hurts self esteem?  A little healthy competition is actually good for kids, it builds character.  If we don’t show our kids how to succeed they can only succeed by accident.  At least that’s obvious to me.


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