New Sprint wireless broadband ad rocks


I was watching Meet the Press (I know, boring morning) when the funniest TV commercial I’ve seen in a while was aired.  The ad is for Sprint wireless broadband service and the tone was like those pharmaceutical commercials I hate so much. The scene takes place in an airport waiting area and the narrator points out how productive all these other people are working at their laptops with wireless connectivity.  Everyone except the star of our ad who does not have Sprint service and as a result he is suffering from, get this, Connectile Dysfunction (CD).  If only he had a Sprint wireless broadband account he could be productive too.  It’s a real hoot and I hope I see it again.  BTW, according to the ad you get a free PC Card modem when you sign up for service.



While James was watching the ad my Mom finally went in to get upgraded from TDMA to HSDPA.

The guy at the store told her she should get the $60 unlimited data plan and then cancel her Comcast Internet service.

She made me proud. She told the clerk she was getting 8Mbps from Comcast for $45 per month, so why on earth would she want to pay $60 for 1.5Mbps? :-)

Mike Cane

Those ads have been running all over NYC billboards. (City folk yawning over the hicks Out There finally getting the message weeks later — Pony Express sure is slow to your parts!)

There’s one on the radio for a competitor to GEICO car insurance that cites “Reptile Dysfunction.”


I’m fairly certain they launched that ad during the Super Bowl about two months ago…

Not a sports fan, eh James? ;)


Anton P. Nym

Hmm… we may need a similar ad scheme soon up here in the Great White North. The two major carriers here (Sympatico, the DSL/EVDO division of Bell Canada, and Rogers, a cable provider) have jointly launched a nation-wide Wi-Max service.

At this stage the hardware still requires an externally-powered modem, but here’s hoping that a truly mobile receiver will come to fruition soon. (Fingers crossed… because cellular data plans are appallingly expensive and limited up here at the moment.)

— Steve

Nick Marques

I used to have Verizon BroadbandAccess, but was kicked off for using too much “unlimited” data. Whatever. I switched to Sprint Mobile Broadband and it’s simply amazing. They have better coverage outside of big cities, it’s EVDO Rev A everywhere around here (DE, NJ, PA), and it’s blazing fast. Faster than some DSL companies.

They even let you share the connection.

And yes, the Pantech PX-500 is free when you sign up. It’s a great card too. My mother has that one. I have the Novatel U720.

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