Apple Store to open in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.


Apple will open a retail store at The Galleria mall in Fort Lauderdale (the company’s seventh in South Florida) on Saturday, April 21, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The Broward County location will be Apple’s 13th retail store location in Florida, making it second only to California (34 locations) for most Apple stores per state.

According to Ron Johnson, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, the Fort Lauderdale store will have more display area than most Apple stores and more space for training sessions and workshops. It will also feature youth programs, including nights dedicated to local schools.

As with many local newspaper forums, the comments can be enlightening, such as:

apple people seem to be geeky nutty type people–steriotypical(sp) people going to star war conventions dressed in character. people owning other computer brands seem to be more normal everyday type of people.

Do people actually buy Apple PC’s? I’ve yet to meet a person or company that uses one. I guess theres a lot of idiots out there buying computers based on a commercial that compares an Apple computer to a 30 yr old out of work bum that dresses like a clown?

Insert your own Broward County joke about hanging/fallen/pregnant chads.

Broward County’s first Apple store to open in Lauderdale mall



Well, it is december and almost no time for Xmas shopping and I am trying to google the location of this new Apple store and the only links that come up are about the great opening, how do you expect people to patronize you when one can’t even find the address to the store online??? if you could email it to me before 12/25 it will be appreciated! Thanks.


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Lee Bacall

Does apple provide business solutions that go beyond the standard microsoft desktop type of application, that would actually run a business.

Specifically, I’m looking for customizable applications that will run from 2 to 100 users supporting order entry, receivables, payables, receiving, inventory, etc.

Lee Bacall

Apple4meand gates is anass

its about time, hey any free apple tv’s

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