Google To Sell Ads Across Clear Channel’s 675 Stations

imageGoogle has done its first major radio advertising sales deal, after officially announcing DishNetwork TV deal (and possible DirecTV deal): it will begin selling ads on more than 675 radio stations owned by Clear Channel, reports WSJ. Details:
— A multiyear deal.
— It will sell less than 5 percent of Clear Channel’s ad inventory, some tens of thousands of 30-second only spots per week.
— CC will get the majority of the ad revenue. Google also traditionally offers such ad-distribution partners guaranteed minimum revenue payments, the story says.
— Advertisers will be able to specify the markets and types of radio stations, but won’t be able to specify which Clear Channel radio stations will play it.
— Advertisers can either bid against each other in an auction for the time or pay a premium rate to secure the slot in advance.
NYTimes: Google has already signed on to sell ads for 800 stations nationwide, but they tend to be in smaller markets.
Reuters: The partners said the internal ad-buying system used by Clear Channel’s sales force now fully works with Google’s radio-ad-buying service. This complements an online ad partnership where Google already provides a way for Clear Channel advertisers to place text ads on station Web sites.
Last year Google bought dMarc, which sold radio ads online, as the basis for its radio-advertising efforts.

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