Conde Nast’s Much-Hyped Portfolio Launching Monday; Site Now Live

imageForget about the weekend, leave whatever you’re doing. Portfolio‘s website has gone live (the magazine is launching Monday)…we had a second-hand review of it last week, now go see it live.
A good-looking site, with lots of white space, though I’m a bit lost and boggled by the amount of stories already there. It will surely take some time and effort to get used to it. Maybe they should have just launched with the magazine stories, instead of all the original online content…what happened to the simple Conde-Nast days of shovelware? (Um, that was a joke, you know…)
NYTimes: Portfolio has hired more than 75 editorial people for the magazine, 40 for its Web site, and more than 45 on the business side.
— The magazine is priced at $4.99 on the newsstand and is testing subscription prices from $12 to $22 for 12 issues. Its next issue is scheduled for late August, and it will appear monthly after that.
AdAge: Of the 101 advertisers in the first issue, 53 are business advertisers, and 20 of those are new to the company.

Disclaimer: Portfolio is launching an ad campaign with us next week.


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