CondeNast, in Beta of course


portfolio.gifYou might have heard about this new magazine CondeNast has launched called Portfolio. Now I have not seen the magazine yet, but just checked out their new website that just went live. Initial impression: definitely would be a bit of a head turner, especially coming from a company that has history of not getting the web. is very elegant, clean and easy to peruse. And not to mention, that there is a ton of good stuff to read, including blogs by technology veterans such as Kevin Maney, who apparently has switched teams – from USA Today to Check out this article on a very green John Doerr.



Does John Doerr also live in a mansion like Al Gore, and what is John Doerr’s carbon footprint? How much money does he pay each year in energy bills? What type of car does John Doerr drive? Let’s get these things out of the way first before we pay our precious attention cycles to Doerr via proxy via GigaOm proxy.

Rama gopal

totally of the topic…..why does most blogs require me to leave a e-mail address.I dont see a purpose for this.i dont know how this would reduce comment spam either.


Walker Hamilton

I love this site. It’s already a the top of my list of favorites and this blog entry is where I learned of it’s existence.

I just read several of the columns, blogs and articles…..excellent!

(Maybe the team from reddit had something to do with this?…)

Om Malik

I love the new site, have been spending some time on it, it actually grows on you, the more you use it. Hope they can keep the quality of the site up and give some of their magazine articles more promotion.


Well, it’s a big effort, you can tell. A lot of thought went into this idea and its execution. I hate to say it but I too am skeptical knowing Conde Nast track record as your article mentions, but have to give huge props for the fashion news part – I’ve been dying for something like this to come out. It’s in the plan for one of our start ups (not StyleDiary) – very cool. I like that somebody’s exposing the business/news side of the fashion industry. brilliant!

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