Leopard Delay Doesn’t Show Lack of Interest in OS X


Apple announced recently that, because they had to move members of the OS X team to the iPhone team to be able to complete the iPhone on time, Leopard would be delayed until October.

I’ve since heard a lot of speculation that this is “yet another sign” that Apple is losing interest in OS X, and is becoming more of a consumer electronics company. (Also fueling this theory is Apple’s name change from “Apple Computer” to “Apple.”)

But here’s an idea: maybe Apple isn’t less interested in OS X, but simply had to make a choice between Leopard and the iPhone, and chose the iPhone because it’s far more important. A lot is riding on the iPhone, and delaying it would not be good. However, Leopard is simply another 10.x release, and isn’t too important to Apple, especially since Vista has been getting a lukewarm reception, to say the least, so some of the pressure is off.


Matt Linder

“Come on. iPhone also works on OS X. How Apple could be less interested in Mac OS X?”

Perhaps that’s why they’ve pulled members of the OS team over specifically. I think they care about both equally, but may have a limited number of highly trusted and experienced OS X devs at their disposal.


The whole world is NOT waiting on the Apple iphone. Apple wishes!! Apple is just the latest player in the crowded phone business. The iphone is also not a totally new idea. Many of the same features have been available on other multi function phone-PLUS handheld. Leopard is definately more important to Apple’s core business. (It is still Computers at this point) So, even tho I understand the excitement of Iphone I think it could have been detained. Afterall, I am locked into a phone contract that I am not going to drop right away (and pay a huge penalty) just to get an iphone. Leopard on the other hand, I would buy the day it is released.


I’m curious, how is the “whole world” waiting for the iPhone, but not waiting for Leopard? The iPhone will ONLY be available to well-off people living in urban areas of the United States (do to it’s high price and Cingular exclusivity) when it debuts in June. Release to the rest of the world is only coming “later,” when and to whom has yet to be announced. Leopard will be available world-wide to tens of millions of potential customers when it is released.

Ryan Barr

All I can say is that I whole-heartedly agree. It was a decision between two products and obviously the one that, at the moment, has the worlds attention is the one that will get chosen; the iPhone.


Your write-up is confusing and self-contradictory. You say that Apple hasn’t lost interest in Leopard, then you say it “isn’t too important to Apple”. Wouldn’t that indicate it’s lost interest in the product?


I don’t think the argument makes much sense anyways — the iPhone runs on a subset of OSX, they pulled people off the general OSX quality/testing team to test the iPhone’s particular subset and implementation of features. Ultimately the OS as a whole benefits.

Arnold Chavez

I think you’re wrong, and agree with this article that Apple is only doing this because it’s what the customers want – not what is more important.


Obviously, iPhone is now very important to Apple now.

I think the delay Leopard is to improve OS X to be a perfect cross-platform OS on desktop/laptop computer, server (with MacPro and Xserve) and mobile devices.

If we look at how Microsoft develop a successful Windows lineup across PC, server and mobile devices, it is essential to let OS X engineers to know more about mobile devices market and in turn improving OS X to become a perfect cross-platform operating system. And, this is now Linux community working on as well.

Apple is not showing lack of interest in OS X. In turn, I think Apple is very serious to develop OS X to compete with Microsoft Windows and Linux.


Apple is managing to win a fair number of disaffected Windows XP / Vista user with Tiger. The company doesn’t need Leopard to make the point that Macs are easy to use, more secure, and also capable of running Windows. Tiger remains a very solid OS; 4 months is nothing to be concerned about.


Hi-I just think that Apple are not especially keen on gaining OS X market share via disaffected Microsoft user/switchers and see the drive to the desktop coming from complimentary devices such as the iPod and iPhone. If they did care about the former I guess they’re still in time for Leopard to illuminate a possible path for Windows users looking for a replacement after XP is retired from the sales chain.


I don’t think will release Leopard in October, but in the near future. I guess it’s fake.
I think Apple is teasing (it noth the right word, I don’t know the specific) microsoft, because microsoft had to delay the release of vista.


I think Apple have made the right decision. It is essential that the i-Phone is released on time. The whole world is waiting for it. Only Mac users are waiting for Leopard. To have traded the other way would have been a massive error on their part. I would have preferred, as all would, that their was no trade, as I’m really looking forward to running time machine etc, but I can live with it.

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