Leopard Delay Doesn’t Show Lack of Interest in OS X

Apple announced recently that, because they had to move members of the OS X team to the iPhone team to be able to complete the iPhone on time, Leopard would be delayed until October.

I’ve since heard a lot of speculation that this is “yet another sign” that Apple is losing interest in OS X, and is becoming more of a consumer electronics company. (Also fueling this theory is Apple’s name change from “Apple Computer” to “Apple.”)

But here’s an idea: maybe Apple isn’t less interested in OS X, but simply had to make a choice between Leopard and the iPhone, and chose the iPhone because it’s far more important. A lot is riding on the iPhone, and delaying it would not be good. However, Leopard is simply another 10.x release, and isn’t too important to Apple, especially since Vista has been getting a lukewarm reception, to say the least, so some of the pressure is off.


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