GigaGamez Goes on Hiatus


As part of some restructuring within the Giga network, this blog is going on indefinite hiatus. Fear not, however, because the GigaGamez team will continue covering the business of games in the broadband era. In the next week or two, look to GigaOM for that coverage, along with the usual wealth of tech industry insights and reportage from Om and crew.

Meantime, here’s a selected hit list of favorite features and popular posts from GigaGamez’s first four months of operation. In subsequent months, we’ll hopefully return the site to live operation. For now, however, look for us on GigaOM.

Nintendo Denies GameStop CEO’s Managed Scarcity Claim
PS3 Outsells Wii in the UK While Breaking Sales Record
John Carmack Offers to Advise on NASA’s Proposed MMO
NPD: PS3 Selling “Slightly Faster” Than 360 Did at the Same Stage in Its Release
New Site Aims (Sorta) to be “the YouTube of Gaming”
Sony Marketing the PS3… in Second Life!
Report: Video Games’ Audience Reach More Than Originally Thought
New PC Gaming Standard Based on Open Source
Heyday for Indy Developers? GigaGamez Checks With Two Top Devs
How Xbox Hackers Make Microsoft Seem Cool
MySpace’s Tila Tequila To Become Second Life Avatar
Five GigaGamez Questions for Epic’s Mark Rein
VonGuard’s Top 10 Overhyped Games
Game Mags Gone Because of MySpace Spam?
Avatars: Web 2.0’s Most Undervalued Asset?
Three Rings Estimates $7 Mill+ Revenue in ‘07
Sony Adds Social Software, Second Life-ish World to PS3
Indy Dev Debate: Online, or Check-out Line?
First Looks at a “Chinese Second Life”
Smart Thoughts on Shawn Fanning’s MMO Social Network Start-up
Crackdown in Review
EA CEO Steps Down After Stock Dips and Criticism of Sequel-itis
CBS Plows $7 Million Into 3rd Party Metaverse Developer
XBox 360: Exceptionally Defective?
MMOs on Your Cellphone
Rated M becoming the NC-17 of Games?
Wii: What to Do When the Magic’s Gone
Gaming for China Gold: Expert Advice on the World’s Biggest Market
Nintendo’s Back… But Can They Hang On?
WoW 2.0: Lord of the Rings, Everquest Creator Challenge Warcraft
eBay on RMT: World of Warcraft, No… Second Life, Yes
Second Life: Ponzi Scheme, or Mayberry Gold Rush?
Pyramid of Confusion: The Latest Second Life Backlash
Windows Vista: Indy Game Killer?
Can the PS3 Be Saved?
Second Life Backlash: A Story Too Good To Check
Boosting TV Ratings– With Gaming
XBox Domination: 360 Double PS3 Sales
Second Life Goes Open Source– First Thoughts, With Linden Lab’s Replies
Mii So Horny
Second Life: People Light, Cash Heavy?
PS3s Being Traded For Wiis
Study Shows In-Game Ads Not Effective
Q&A With Raph Koster
Second Life: Hype vs. Anti-Hype vs. Anti-Anti-Hype



I cant say I did not see this coming. Jason McMaster’s posts were great but other than that, few of the posts on gigagamez offered insight backed by well researched facts.

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