From the ‘No one saw that coming’ department…


MacNN is reporting that Apple has filed a patent to use the iPhone as a remote control for AppleTV. I’ve used Salling for years and loved it, so  is this Apple’s answer to the same thing. Good thing for Salling though, I don’t expect them to go the way Konfabulator did. Salling works on hundreds of devices, where the iPhone/AppleTV is the 1-2 combo. My imagination of what is possible with the iPhone remote is running wild. When will the consumer electronics industry include Bluetooth or WiFi in all devices for such features?


Nick Santilli

I seem to recall reading somewhere (amidst the wild rumor mongering) before MWSF where someone called out for the next ipod to be a remote for the Apple TV product. Pretty close to the mark if it comes to fruition. Though at the time of course, the iPhone was still speculation, so that makes the ‘prediction’ even more interesting


AppleTV control with the iPhone? Yes please! And once it’s open up to third-party apps (eventually), I can see great potential. How about controlling everything in your home with your iPhone? Don’t just start your movie with the iPhone, but dim the lights too. Are you reading this, Perceptive Automation?

Why oh why didn’t Apple build GPS into the iPhone? If I could mount this on my dash as a trip navigator with that big, beautiful touch-screen, this would be the ultimate, must-have device. Phone, iPod, PDA, wireless web browser, remote controller, and automotive navigation system. $600 for such a device would be a screaming deal.

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