Screencast: Pimp My Quicksilver



As I’ve been known to do, I take requests, and this screencast is an example of that practice. The question has been asked several times in the past about the look of my Quicksilver interface. There’s no special Quicksilver Foo that I’ve applied, as always, it’s just knowing where to look. So as the saying goes, ‘Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime’ so shall I…Because teaching you how to Pimp Your Quicksilver is just as noble as teaching you how to feed yourself, right?

Get Krunk with Quicksilver
7 mins / 36mbs

Oh, and the Fumo plugin is here.


Nick Santilli

Hey guys, I’m not ignoring the questions about my setup here. Just busy. I’ll put up a post about these things so that you don’t have to follow the comments and wait to see when I get to it… :)


I second “Jai K” post as far as having a great home-folder icon…where’d you get it??

Thanks and appreciate the continuous quicksilver help…


Thanks for the screencast :)

Another way of customising is changing the icons for some of the actions. For example I changed the Tagging icon & Paste icon as the standard ones look ropey to me.


Hi Nick – I echo all the “great job!” sentiments. I’ve been reading your three-part series about tagging and how you use QS as the main tool, and you got me convinced! Now I found this movie and I’m even more interested in QS.

ONE THING: Count me among those who are curious about your “wood-skinned” hard drive icon! Please let us know where you found it. I did a google search and gave up as I couldn’t refine it enough.

I’ve subscribed via RSS and look forward to many more tips and screencasts.


great screencast, would love to know where ya got the desktop and the icons like the wooden mac HD and also what are all the programs running in your menu bar, some of them look pretty good

Paulo Fontes

Great work!

Hey Nick can you just tell what is that Weather thing you got in the left pane when you open QS preferences panel? I manage to get it but i dont know what to do with it…It just seems like it does nothing lol…Can you help?

Robert Lloyd Lewis

How do you make the text larger in the interface results, for those of us who can’t read the fine type?


Thanks for the mention Nick,

(The latest version of Fumo can always be found here.)

Go to Macintosh HD, into the Librarry folder, then into the Frameworks folder. That’s where you put Smoke.framework and everything will be fine!


Nice screencast. Very helpful.

On a side note, I love your desktops…Where do you find them all?


Neeto screencast!
I hope they redesign the preferences interface soon, it is so ugly!


Great screencast, Nick. I too am curious as to the color values you use for Bezel, and I was wondering if anyone has had problems perorming the comma trick with fumo? I am using the non-smoking version because I have an almost three year old 1 GHz G4 iBook.

Phil Bowell

Ha, I started a blog post today on the interfaces of Quicksilver. It was inspired by the discovery of Fumo, which I’m actually quite liking.

Jai K

Nice icon for the home folder. Mind telling us where we can get a hold of it?


I think Fumo is causing my QS some issues, and now QS won’t relaunch (yes, I restarted OSX).

I clicked the install on the smoke-package w/o first installing the smoke-framework. Could this be the issue? How can I right this? I’m “slapping at the missing limb” right now…HELP!

(Also, I couldn’t find the ‘Library/Frameworks’ folder. Is it hidden? How can I go about installing the smoke-fw?


Oh, and one of the things I LOVE about TAB is the Quicksilver installments! That’s not to say that this should be “The Quicksilver Screencast Blog”, just that it is one of the many topics (today being a great example) that I appreciate learning about here. Keep it up!


Hey, Joost. Go easy on the guy. Quicksilver is great, and I for one am extremely grateful for the useful tips. If you don’t like the blog, then just stop reading it.


That’s it.

The continuing pimping of Quicksilver has caused me to unsubscribe from your feed and never read the Apple blog again.

Martin Hauser

Thanks nick, for actually doing that pimp my quicksilver screencast. Always looking forward to learn more about new stuff you put into screencasts (though not being able to get my hand on skitch sorta maked me grumpy ;-) ) keep it up!

Howard Melman

Nice job as usual. One note that the Menu interface doesn’t support the comma trick. Also I’d love to know the color values you use for the Bezel.

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