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Party Vloggers in the UK

Yanks have no monopoly on boring politician vlogs. Following the 24-hour party people of Conservative’s example, the trainspotters at New Labour have created their own YouTube channel. Now MPs longer need to compete with sozzled royals for coverage from the Beeb, and can present their own “unmediated” message, in Blair’s words.

“I wonder how much thought went into choosing the officey looking corner (people can empathise with offices) that it was filmed in,” mused Beth Tiltson on “Bulldog” Blair’s mise en scene. Conservative’s “Call Me Dave” Cameron chose a more formal set but a less formal style. What’s most surprising to me is that neither is facing election for up to three years.

John Harris of The Guardian points out that Labour’s channel isn’t exactly popular with the clubkids, with Caroline Flint’s countdown to the smoking ban currently the big draw after sexy beast Blair’s introduction in February. Cameron got his party started online back in September.

Me, I’ll stick with the BBC’s Question Time podcast, which is much more entertaining than either’s efforts. On this side of the pond, YouTube is trying to foster conversations between politicians and candidates here in the colonies. More on that later today.

2 Responses to “Party Vloggers in the UK”

  1. Steve Elbows

    Theres no general election for I guess 2 years, but there are local elections coming up which are seen in the media as a test of the party leaders popularity.

    I saw Labour experiment with video online once before, Prescott the deputy PM showed people round his election battle bus, at some point before the last general election. Come to think of it the woman who it later emerged he had an affair with, was in the video I believe. Anyway he has the common touch so his video was wooden but not in the same sinister way that these latest labour vids are, he was a little more human. But now he’s been proven to be too human so I dont think we’ll see him in any of their videos, they are hiding him these days!

    Im no fan of Cameron or his site, but I can see why he is into it – its what he does best. In fact its the only thing that he’s proven to everyone he can do, the slick PR that has just enough of a human touch to fool some people who would otherwise know better.

    In my opinion the comments sections of these sites are where the real action is. Last time I was on web cameron, parts of it were overrun by people going on about 9/11 coverups and all sorts of other stuff that were not exactly the top of the new tory agenda.