Cross platform RC and screen sharing: Yuuguu

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YuuguuEver needed to share a screen or provide remote assistance? Want to remote control a home machine while you’re away? There’s quite a few apps that let you perform these tasks, but Yuuguu caught my eye after Amit highlighted it this morning. How come? It works across platforms, so you can remote or share a Windows and a Mac client; that’s pretty slick.

Yuuguu is a free beta download and appears fairly simple to set up; the app is advertised as ‘firewall friendly’, but I’ll put it through the paces with OneCare, which tends to be pretty tenacious and over-zealous. Yuuguu looks to be a nice collaborative tool with a text chat feature as well as a history log for folks that never seem to recall what they said at a meeting.

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Cross platform? So, only Mac and Windows qualify as platforms these days? What about Linux?

Linux has a RDP client, or you can use VNC across Mac, Linux and Windows. Granted, it takes some setup to work across firewalls, but there are some advantages to having that kind of access only after you’ve set it up properly.

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