Apple Delays Leopard Release Until October


This afternoon Apple announced that the release of Leopard would be delayed until October. The originally schedule date of release was in June and less than a month ago Apple denied rumors that the release date had been pushed back to October.

The reason for this delay apparently is due to “key software engineering and QA resources” being removed from the development of Leopard to work on the iPhone.

According to the announcement, developers will be given a preview of the ‘near final version’ as well as a beta copy of Leopard at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June.



Everybody just needs to chill out here. Sure, it’s disappointing that Leopard has been delayed, but the current OS X is still way better than XP or Vista. And look at how long it took Microsoft to get Vista out anyway. And it was, to no one’s surprise, very disappointing. They delayed Longhorn forever which then became Vista and many features they were developing didn’t even make it in. They even had to copy more features from Apple (widgets=gadgets…the whole windows concept).
Also, think about how much brand recognition the iPhone is going to bring Apple. Not to mention the money. It’ll be a similar situation as with the iPod. As more people buy iPods or iPhones, the more consumers become familiar with what a great product Apple produces, and thus furthering their computer sales.
Personally I’m waiting to buy a macbook until Leopard comes out because it will most likely coincide with Apple’s usual new hardware releases in the fall.

An Apple a day...

I may never have heard such a bunch of cry babies in my life. If you are one of these people saying you are waiting to buy an apple but only with the new OS then don’t buy one. A statement like that is just stupid. OS 10.4.9 is fine I really dont see where any changes would be made to make it so much better I would be waiting since January to buy a MBP. and the “student” not buying a macbook before going to school in europe for the same reason is a arse thing to commit to saying out loud.
Please get a grip and stop the stupidty. If you can’t afford to buy the OS then I doubt you can afford a new MBP or macbook since Apple has pricing locked down and their equipment is expensive. From day one Apple has been ahead in the game, a real force in the computing industry. If you are stating that you are going back to Windows because of a OS delay please go, weekend warrior types are welcomed to get out and join the “windows hell forum” write back and tell us how great Vista is running and when LOL you will be back and if not you are just web browsing, writing emails, and letters to cleo. Anyone who uses an apple for work will be just fine with any delay for any reason. If its the iphone then so be it. The fact is that Apple software and hardware is cutting edge perfection or as best as humanly possible.
For anyone to say they are going back to windows or not buying a Apple because of this setback you won’t be missed


The main reason why a lot of windows browsers are seen to be accessing the apple store, is because us mac users at home are usually to busy using our macs to bother visiting the store. When we get to work (where a lot of us are forced to use windows PC’s) thats when we get the time to do some daydreaming…


I’ve been planning to switch from Windows to Mac for the past year, but the promise that Leopard was just around the corner held me back. Now I’m flat out not going with Apple. Jobs rambled on about the huge number of Windows users perusing the Apple online store, and how these users could be converted to Apple, but it’s like he took that evidence and– Oh look an iPhone!

When a company stuffs up this big it’s a good reason to steer clear.


was gonna buy mac with new OS before i leave the country, now because of the release delay it is off to a windows PC – sorry apple, consider students who are on school terms (schools use mac mostly) – october everyone will have already bought new PC for year, college etc and it wont be a mac because your delay

Keith Grimes

As the iPhone goes, so goes the spotted leopard.

Am I the only one who does not see an iPhone in June. My psychic friends agree. This will be a troubling year for the Apple Telephony company. Oops, I meant to say the Apple Music company. Oops, I meant to say the pretty rainbow-colored Apple Computer company.

What we need right now are more I’m a Mac, I’m a PC commercials. Apparently, the assuage the Kool-Aid drinking faithful.


Todd Baur

Wow, you guys are pissed about not getting 10.5 because of the iPhone? Yes, Apple has 17k employees but only a few work on Leopard. Oh and those people also worked on the iPhone OS too, so of course they are going to have to delay Leopard. This stuff isn’t an exact science and predictable.

Apple isn’t screwing anyone but themselves and developers who bet on June to launch their 10.5 only apps, to which there are only a few I know. Tiger is FINE to use until October, and watch. Apple will offer something up to the masses because of the delay.

Of course the company is obsessed with the iPhone, it is an instant success and it hasn’t been released yet. You can complain all you want about it doesn’t have an 80gb hard drive or a proton phase deflector but it isn’t about that. It’s about people sick of smartphones that run like ass.

Last, I think the announcement shows that they are honest about what is going on. The previous announcement isn’t backpedalling because its obvious the decision to push back wasn’t final.


I agree with Rich. I don’t believe the excuse about moving OS-resources to the iPhone development.

You know what it is? Apple doesn’t want to be seen the way Microsoft has been perceived during the last years: they don’t want to be “the company that can’t do it in time”.
So they make up a story about ‘shifting recourses’ to the much anticipated iPhone.

The iPhone is a hype. Apple is now using that hype as an excuse for the OS-delay. Clever marketing-tactics…


I don’t believe that the phone trumped the OS. I believe that the mobile version of OS X running on the iPhone trumped the desktop and server version of OS X. I know some people might say that’s semantics, but it’s not like they pulled the OS X development people over to start working on an assembly line soldering iPhone circuit boards.

As it is, this new date works out better for me. The end of September marks the end of my workplace’s fiscal year, and we usually see a number of people in September buying new equipment from what’s left of their budget. I’d much rather have that influx of new equipment be running 10.4.x, with all of our current applications supported, then running 10.5.0 or 10.5.1 and the users find out that an application that they use every day is currently broken on 10.5.x. It also gives the developers some more time too, to get that application supported on 10.5.x.


As someone on the c|net apple blog mentioned…a four month delay of Leopard cannot really be compared to a five year delay of Vista. Apple has been fairly consistent with their OS releases, so there’s no need to cry foul. Does it suck? Somewhat, but I would rather have a tight and efficient OS than one that is buggy out of the gate.

Jumping ship to Vista or the like over a four month delay seems pretty juvenile to me. Enjoy the delay…it will only feed the rumor mill and make for fun reading…



Ooops sorry Josh missed that link, I sit corrected.

Still dont care about the release date, although with all the programmers on staff you’d think that management would have made this decision befor now with the upcoming IPHONE.

Thing is though, there saying that this is because of Iphone, at least thats the way I interpret it, no two people read things the same way. Anyways your holding an OS back because of a phone. Well if I am NOT buying the phone, wtf would I care about extra functionality in my OS? Think about it DOH ! Release the OS and CHARGE EXTRA for IPHONE software functionality.

Just my 10 cents


It’s not about a bugged OS, it about screwing your users. Welcome to the new Apple INC!

I for one don’t care, but what I do care about is the change that is soon to come (this is just the first example). First the OS next the Mac hardware. I said it when they changed their name back in Jan; this is not good news for “Apple Computer” users. When you start blowing off your loyal computer customers with these types of delays, for “consumer electronics” to meet “their” launch dates something’s wrong. I like Mac’s as much as the next guy but I wonder how long it will be before I switch back?


Just had a thought…

maybe the extra months are not for us, but for the developers to redo the interfaces of their app to match the new look and feel leopard will be sporting that they wont see till june


#14, its nothing to do with having a buggy OS. It’s the fact that they took dev resources from OSX for the iPhone thats pissing people off.


Hi folks,

calm down – I DO NOT WANT A BUGGED OS. I had it for the past 11 years – Windows…

Just give them the time to finish it up. To me it is no suprise, i haven’t seen the prerelease versions, but from what one could read on the web about the quality it was obvious they couldn’t make the june date with Leopard.

As for the iPhone – i will have a look at it if it appeals me i buy one. I do not need UMTS to much so gprs/edge would be fine.

Let’s just sit back and relax and enjoy the spring and summer and not let us spend endless hours in front of our macs trying to squeeze the most out of the new OS! ;-)


Totally sucks. I have been holding out for leopard before I buy a new iMac. If I had known that it would have been pushed back (and who knows if it will even be October?) I’d have bought the iMac 6 months ago. Sh1t. I think for revenge I’ll go buy a PC, and do a hackintosh instead.


i for one think this blows. i live in the UK and the iPhone hasn’t even been given a carrier over here, let alone a release date. so in essence we have to wait another 6 months just because Apple wants to rush thru a product that won’t even get released here until AFTER Leopard anyway
i mean its good that they’re committed to making sure the OS will be up to scratch, but when i’m stuck using XP the wait is all that more painful. and hell, lets face it. that first generation of iPhone is gonna be as buggy as hell anyway.

Josh Pigford

@Michael (#9): Um…what are you talking about? Oh…I guess you didn’t bother actually reading the article or the sites linked to. If you had bothered you’d realize that this announcement came directly from Apple’s website.


Arse. Just when I’m getting sorted to get a proper desktop machine, and now this. Guess I will now have to shell out £140 for a family OS license to update both my Mac Pro and olde iBook when Leopard finally comes out.


If this is TRUE, than how come its NOT on Apples main page? Its on Macrumors, but thats all I see, than again, like I said before, former winbloze users are used to this . I think the present OS is Fantastic.

Regarding an I PHONE and buying one. Not on my budget

And to SmitnFischer, I’ll sell you my MBP with 3 gig of ram and all the software loaded for 2000 dollars


What are you afraid of Smith? Friggin buy something damn it. Are you afraid as soon as you buy something it will be out of date? Geezz


Why you would wait since January to get an MBP is beyond me. R U that cheap on buying a new OS?

10 to 1 the new OS is released soon, and even if its October, whats the big deal? I came over from Winbloze and am NUMB to this.

I still can not get over waiting since January for a MBP, too funny


Hmm it is disturbing that we won’t get a new OS by June… I was anticipating purchasing a new computer with Leopard… At least Jobs should throw us a bone and tell us what features Leopard will have in June.

It does really suck but be it as it may… I much prefer a good product rather than one that is riddled with flaws. At least Apple is a company that (1) makes amazing products (2) stands by their products with superior tech support and (3) Just friggin rules remember Steve Jobs invented the friggin iPod. Take the frigtards at Microsoft with the premature Vista launch. Do you want Apple to follow in suite?


And I’ve been waiting to get a Macbook Pro since January. Apple, why must you torture us like this? I’m not even getting an iPhone (for a couple of years at least).


i don’t even know anybody who says they’ll buy an iphone. i for one think it looks cool, but really don’t care that much about my phone – especially a $500 phone that can’t even hold as many songs as my $250 ipod. i do care about the OS. if apple keeps this up, i may have to switch back to windows. the whole appeal of owning an apple was the idea that it’s a company that really cares about its computers and software. i don’t know if i believe that anymore.


I agree, Richard, there is a great disturbance…
…As the fanboys learn that the possibility of selling an iPhone to 6.5 Billion (that’s with a “B”)(hey, Apple can dream, can’t they?) people outweighs the gain for an incremental update to a five year-old platform.

Richard Neal

I sense a great disturbance in the Force…
As if millions of fanboys cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced…

No Koolaid

Unfreaking believable. How can you justify the delay of an operating system on a freaking phone? Where are the priorities? How do I justify buying 100 Xserves when the OS that we’ve been waiting years for was delayed by a freaking phone? I would have been fine if they just came out and said it was taking longer than they thought it would be… but to say that a phone is draining resources from completing an OS?

This is a company with 17,787 full-time employees. How anyone can flippantly justify this as being a good thing is mind-boggling. Again, I’m not upset with the delay, I’m upset for the reasoning.

Steve has really lost focus. I think he’s completely obsessed with the iPhone to detriment of everything else.

They were really right when they removed “Computer” from the name of the company.

Apple Faithful – 1.

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