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In an article on Nokia’s move into mobile advertising in the Mobile Media newsletter from Informa Telecoms and Media there’s an interesting tidbit: The site receives more than 100 million visitors a month from around the world, mostly from China. That’s a pretty high figure — certainly enough to provide initial inventory for anyone looking to advertise with Nokia — and is achieved because all of Nokia’s data-enabled handsets have a preloaded link to the site. It probably wouldn’t shame the portals of large operators, but I’m guessing most off-deck sites only dream about that level of traffic. I had a quick look at the site and it’s not even really that good — more like a demo site.
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Johnny Reach

Just saw an announcement that Nokia's Enterprise Solutions group is going .mobi as well:
It appears this site is using cookies as a way to deliver some tailored content for E-series owners.



While the 100 million number certainly is impressive, if the traffic is mainly coming from China then the inventory would only be valuable to advertisers wishing to advertise in China! This is an important distinction, as this inventory would really not be of value for anyone outside of china "looking to advertise in mobile."

Also, I couldn't locate the original source for this post, but I am curious how the 100 million visitors per month number is validated. Quantifying unique visitors is inherently problematic in mobile, as traditional online methods such as cookies or even via IP address aren't viable on most handsets and/or mobile networks (although, being Nokia, they are one of the few that can work around some of these barriers). I'm thinking 100 million number relates to page impressions, not unique site visitors, as the site doesn't even allow for user registration.

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