Nokia Users Like EyeMags More Than Other Handset Users — Why?


A completely unscientific result from a mobile mag application has shown that users of Nokia phones like mobile content better. Refresh Mobile has launched a free service to let people create mobile magazines called EyeMags, the company offered a service allowing people to rate the magazines they downloaded, and found that there are significant differences between the attitude of people with different handsets. As noted in Robin Jewsbury’s Forum Nokia Blog (via The Register) Nokia users were the most pleased, followed by Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and Samsung in last place. That’s from 15,000 votes, so it seems that Nokia users do appreciate the product more. Since the service is meant to be the same across all handsets (since it’s a series of photos adjusted to screen size) the interesting question is why Nokia users are more pleased with the result. It could be because there’s something about EyeMags that works better on Nokia phones, or that the demographic that buys Nokia phones is more prone to rate content higher, or even that Nokia phones offer a better experience. Jewsbury promises further analysis, which will be interesting. At the moment we’ve got an interesting factoid with no clear cause, but everyone is interested in what makes users more happy with content so if the reason for the higher rating from Nokia users of EyeMags can be determined it should help a lot of the industry.

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