Personalize Your Mac Laptop


frdecal.jpgGelaSkins now makes decals that you could place on your MacBook, MacBook Pro, iBook or PowerBook. The decals feature some really cool graphics; the one on the left is called “Fuzin Raizin” by Aya Kato and is my personal favorite. 

There are a total of 30 designs available for you to customize your Mac. The laptop decals cost $32.95. GelaSkins states that the decals can be removed cleanly so you can switch designs. They are running a promotion, buy 3, get a 4th free. The price seems reasonable considering you have the option of restoring your Mac back to the way it looked when you removed it from its fine Apple cardboard and foam packaging by peeling away a decal.




i have pacman and totoro stickers from this etsy shop

i like them
high quality vinyl, and it’s easy to remove)


I’m looking for a skin for my mac but I really like the apple icon that is on the top and I was wondering if theres any sites out there that give you an option to keep the mac icon or in someway incorporate it into the overall design of the skin?


Does anyone know where I could get a decal that just covers the apple on the macbook with different colors?


If you check out , and type “laptop decals” in the search engine, you’ll see some very cool cut-vinyl designs.– and they’re only $15.00…


Attention with Gelaskins. I have made a purchase and it has not arrived to me. They do not respond my e-mails of claim.


I’ve always been intrigued by this sort of product at first glance with the thought of personalizing my computer/iPod, but I know that I couldn’t put it on an already beautiful Mac.


I actually kinda liked them. Not sure I’d put them on a brand new Mac, but on my 3.5 year old PB, sure. Besides it makes it more unique. Bonus points for matching iPod skins!

This is certainly an alternative to, which never seem to be coming back up (they only have iPod skins, but have been promising laptop skins for like a decade).


These skin things on anything are pretty tasteless, on a mac they’re horrific

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