MGM movies now on iTunes


For the first time, a number of movies from the libraries of MGM and its subsidiaries have been added to the iTunes Store, all at the back catalog pricing tier of $9.99.

The initial batch of titles includes:

When the iTunes Store first added a movies section in September 2006, the only studios involved were Disney-owned. Paramount added more than 100 movies in January and Lionsgate added another 150 in February. The total number of movies now stands at more than 500. Nearly one whole percent of NetFlix’s library!

Award-Winning MGM Films Now on the iTunes Store



Hmm, and with iTunes, I just download it and watch it. No Post Office, no waiting. Don’t have to return it. No monthly subscription fee, either. I just pay for what I want to watch. If I don’t want to watch anything, there are no fees. Imagine that!

What this DOES show is that the major studios ARE coming on board, they’re just being careful and cautious. But that’s ok, it lets Apple keep up with bandwidth and gives them time to work on the expansion so there are no major issues with the service crashing, etc. It also gives them time to work on higher resolutions, as well.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Microsoft didn’t become a monopoly in a day, either. These things take time if they are to last.


Jeff, you want awful Australian dubbing instead? I have it :-)


I’ve been trying to find a version of Mad Max without the awful American dubbing, anyone know if this is the version I am looking for? The description of the movie in iTunes talks about the dubbing, but does not say which one they are selling.


Hmm I can buy most of those for $10 from a local store, and have the whole printed package with any extras also.

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