Avoid Back Pain, Keep Your Spine Healthy While Working

We’ve written before about the importance of an ergonomic office environment and taking micro-breaks for web workers. But we also know that such good advice is easy to ignore. Most of us can get away with bad habits for a few years, but at some point, your body may tell you to slow down. In my case, the key tip-off that something was wrong turned out to be excruciating back pain.

If you’d like to avoid getting to this point yourself (or if you’re already there and want to get out of it) head over to Spine-health.com and spend some time perusing their excellent selection of resources. They have spent the last several years collecting an immense amount of information, all of which is peer-reviewed by their medical advisory board before posting.

Try starting with their Spine Topics section, which contains categorized information on everything from picking the right ergonomic chair and mattress to avoid back pain to travel tips and notes on types of pain, exercise, surgical and other treatments. Their short article on office chair set up covers four points for proper ergonomics at your desk: office chair back support, keyboard in easy reach, computer screen at eye level, and arm support.

Back pain, sadly, is an occupational hazard for those of us who are too frequently chairbound. It’s also one of those hazards that you can largely avoid by having the sense to take care of yourself before you’re laid out in bed. Spine-health.com has plenty of words of advice if you can take the time to read them.


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