Photobucket Protests MySpace Blockade; MySpace Claims Posts Violate Policy

MySpace continues to block services that embed advertising. The latest is Photobucket, which MySpace claims is inserting ads in video slideshows and thus violating the MySpace terms of service. Last month. The FIM site caused some consternation when MySpace uber-friend Tila Tequila was told not to use the Hookah player and music store from Indie911. MySpace execs said at the time that it violates the TOS to embed widgets that sell or advertise without authorization or a partnership with the company. The same goes for embedding ads in slideshows.
— Photobucket alerted its users to the posting problem on its official blog, explaining that new videos and remixes would be removed from MySpace profiles and castigating the company for “contradicting the very belief of personal and social media. … By severely restricting this freedom, MySpace is showing that it considers you as a commodity which it can treat as it sees fit.” Users were urged to contact MySpace, to ask their friends to do the same and to post comments. The post also mentioned that photos are unaffected. (via GigaOm)
Two things that go unmentioned: advertising and Photobucket’s current evaluation of its sale prospects.
MySpace statement: MySpace tries to spell it out in a just-issued statement that refers to the TOS issue mentioned above: “Photobucket recently began running an ad-sponsored slideshow and encouraged users to post these ads in bulletins and profiles throughout the community. We spoke to the company about their actions, but they refused to respect our community