Museums Team Up For Mobile Content

A number of museums have joined together to create Museum On The Go, which will offer images of famous works of art, photographs of historic personalities, voice and sound recordings, music and video for download to mobile devices. The Kunsthistorisches Museum, Leopold Museum, Sigmund Freud Museum, Austrian Mediathek, Erich Lessing Archive, all in Vienna, Austria; Museum of Natural History, Sound Archive of the of the Humboldt-University, both Berlin, Germany and the National Sound Archives in Jerusalem, Israel will offer images for wallpapers or greeting cards of famous artists, like Rubens and Van Gogh, music from composers like Mozart, original voice recordings from historical figures, and recordings of ethnic or religious music as well as dialects from the last century from a variety of countries and cultures. The wallpapers go for 1.99 euros (US$2.67), realtones for 2.99 euros (US$4) and videos for up to 3.99 euros (US$5.36). (release)


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