MGM To Offer Movies on iTunes; Sales Not Ramping Up?

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios has signed a deal with Apple to provide its movies to Itunes, which builds the iTunes catalog to more than 500 movies. The studio is starting with around 25 offering classic movies such as “Dances With Wolves,” “Mad Max,” and “Rocky,” and will add other titles to iTunes in coming weeks, the two companies said.
iTunes’ movie service launched in September last year, with only Disney on board. Since then it has signed on Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate. Other major are still holding out, though they have signed onto Wal-Mart and Apple has sold more than 2 million movies sold, said Eddie Cue, Apple’s VP of iTunes, speaking to AP.
Variety: Though 2 million sold is well more than any other online moviestore but shows the service isn’t growing fast. From September through January, with only Disney pics available, iTunes sold 1.3 million movies. In the past three months, company has sold some 700K more.