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Putting Widgets to work

Business 2.0: Most technologies these days are spawned in the consumer world and laboriously swim upstream into the heavily dammed networks of corporations. But widgets–tiny, downloadable applications that display data from the Internet on websites or your PC’s desktop–could make that leap in record time. Continue Reading on Business 2.0 website.

Bonus Link: WebWorkerDaily has come up with a list of Top Dashboard and Desktop Widgets to enhance you productivity. It is worth a read.

6 Responses to “Putting Widgets to work”

  1. We have been developing enterprise widgets / gadgets for sometime. We are very excited about the touch points between Google and and have recently released a series of Google Gadgets for salesforce. They were based on a concepts from salesforce’s IdeaExchange and developed in just a few weeks. We initially developed yahoo widgets that had over 5000 downloads, but are much more excited about the web centric google gadgets.

  2. Speaking of mobile widgets, I’ve just created mine on WidSets and spotted yours there as well. After signing up with GigaOM’s widset for my mobile I found out that it was not up to sync with your current web publications. Did you discontinue updatting your widset’s widget?

  3. Actually my point is that in 10.5 widgets are going to even more useful. I think Apple website shows how easy it will be to create these widgets and actually do more with them. Not denying that dashboard is pretty awesome :-)

  4. Matthew Rosen

    There is a glaring error in the statement below:

    “Their timing is good. Windows Vista supports widgets, as will Apple’s forthcoming release of Mac OS X Leopard.”

    Om, Apple’s Mac OS 10.4 Tiger (shipped in ’05) more or less ushered in the dashboad/widget concept and was one of the often advertised features of that release.