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Since he started live-broadcasting his life last month, Justin Kan has been pestered incessantly about what he would do if he went on a date (hey, we couldn’t resist either). Well, it finally happened. Instead of getting stood up for a date like most every other time, now the star of has made it back to her apartment.

I happen to have a pressing deadline tonight, so of course I’ve been tuned in since Justin and “J.” went out to a fancy dinner on their second date. Blatantly giving him a fake palm reading so she could hold his hand, J. at one point asked, “So I have a question for you – what if we have a nice dinner and then you try to kiss me. What about that?”

Well, now we know. Back at her apartment, Justin takes a seat on the bed so she can demonstrate her kick-boxing. Or something. She approaches. He turns his hat around. We see a girlish hand creep around.

At this point, Justin has taken his hat, and the camera attached to it, off. I email producer Michael Seibel one line: “What are your ratings like right now?”

He calls me right back. “You’re watching this!?” Yup.

“3,000 people are watching, and they’re watching a camera in the dark with the sound turned off,” he says, “Just cause they know Justin’s having sex with her.”

And what is Seibel doing? “We’re trying to figure out a way to overlay a porn soundtrack.” I tune back in a few minutes later, and that’s clearly what they’ve done.

Click on through if you’re reading circa 11 p.m. PST Tuesday night. NSFW, but I doubt many of our readers are in the vicinity of their coworkers at this hour.

33 Responses to “ Gets Lucky”

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Anyone so devoid of life as to watch this guy’s video is a very sad, lonely individual. Anyone so devoid of life as to blog about watching this guy’s video is truly pathetic.

  2. THIS has to be the worst “lucky” broadcast ever – static and no sound. And yet 3,000 people watched. No surprise damn Home Shopping Network does most of its business late at night.