Justin.tv Gets Lucky


Since he started live-broadcasting his life last month, Justin Kan has been pestered incessantly about what he would do if he went on a date (hey, we couldn’t resist either). Well, it finally happened. Instead of getting stood up for a date like most every other time, now the star of Justin.tv has made it back to her apartment.

I happen to have a pressing deadline tonight, so of course I’ve been tuned in since Justin and “J.” went out to a fancy dinner on their second date. Blatantly giving him a fake palm reading so she could hold his hand, J. at one point asked, “So I have a question for you – what if we have a nice dinner and then you try to kiss me. What about that?”

Well, now we know. Back at her apartment, Justin takes a seat on the bed so she can demonstrate her kick-boxing. Or something. She approaches. He turns his hat around. We see a girlish hand creep around.

At this point, Justin has taken his hat, and the camera attached to it, off. I email producer Michael Seibel one line: “What are your ratings like right now?”

He calls me right back. “You’re watching this!?” Yup.

“3,000 people are watching, and they’re watching a camera in the dark with the sound turned off,” he says, “Just cause they know Justin’s having sex with her.”

And what is Seibel doing? “We’re trying to figure out a way to overlay a porn soundtrack.” I tune back in a few minutes later, and that’s clearly what they’ve done.

Click on through if you’re reading circa 11 p.m. PST Tuesday night. NSFW, but I doubt many of our readers are in the vicinity of their coworkers at this hour.


Anonymous Coward

Anyone so devoid of life as to watch this guy’s video is a very sad, lonely individual. Anyone so devoid of life as to blog about watching this guy’s video is truly pathetic.

Schlomo Rabinowitz

Two things:

Can’t believe I just watched this before breakfast.

Im thouroughly unsurprised that Chuck not only watched it, but recorded it and edited in his twitters.

John Smith

Do you people really have such sad and uninteresting lives that watching another guys life is more interesting?

What is wrong with you all.


THIS has to be the worst “lucky” broadcast ever – static and no sound. And yet 3,000 people watched. No surprise damn Home Shopping Network does most of its business late at night.

Liz Gannes

Thanks Chuck! I added it into the post, since the live Justin feed has clearly moved on.

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