Jewel, Jet, Coming to Joost


Call them the anti-YouTube, but for Joost it seems to be working: Monday the yet-to-really-launch online video service announced a deal to offer Warner Music Group’s video content on its service, presumably music videos and more from artists like Jewel, Jet, Sugar Ray, matchbox twenty, Rob Thomas, Trick Daddy, Twista, “and many more,” according to the Warner Bros. presser.

Warner Bros. says it likes Joost because the service promises to securely guard copyrighted content, offering its owners a way to share revenues generated by the expected enthusiastic audience. In the meantime, there’s still plenty of apparently unauthorized Jewel over on good ol’ GooTube, so catch some before the fun is over:

Of course, you could stay legal and start on Jewel’s own site, which has a good free audio player (which launches whether you want it to or not). And that site also has a pointer to Yahoo’s music video site, where you can watch videos like her new one, Stephenville, TX, which is pretty good and has some of that country flavor that Jewel can cross over into.

Didn’t mean this to be a Jewel fanboy piece, but just showing where a random walk can take you… sure hope the Joost deal works out, but in the meantime there’s no shortage of options for finding online music video content.

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