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Virgin Radio Broadcasts To Wii And Playstation 3 Entertainment Hubs

Virgin Radio, UK, the rock station once owned by Richard Branson, has begun streaming on to Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii consoles, Guardian reports. Virgin is taking advantage of that fact it’s the only such station to offer a clean MP3 stream by plugging the stream into a Flash applet accessible via the web browsers on the machines. It is the first time a UK radio station has been made available on a games console and is clearly a nod to the Trojan Horse notion that games boxes could become home entertainment hubs. Sister stations Xtreme, Classic Rock and Groove are also available; the app also includes retail options for music and concerts but is not yet available for Xbox 360. Digital media director James Cridland: “People now treat consoles as part of their home entertainment media center. Plus the platform has great growth potential, particularly among early-adopters and the 25-44 audience popular with advertisers.”

3 Responses to “Virgin Radio Broadcasts To Wii And Playstation 3 Entertainment Hubs”

  1. this is so cool!

    i already stream my PC music collection & fave online radio stations to my Wii browser thanks to having the free Orb software on my PC – and now i can get the Virgin Radio content on the Wii too

    (the Orb software does the transcoding into Flash – for the Wii; transcodes my stuff into RMA for my N91 handset – & keeps my personal index of stuff to mycast to myself)

  2. Interesting to note: I launched Virgin Radio's website and streamed the classic rock station and clicked on the "Buy Album" and "Download Track" links to see the integration with stores and which stores were selected. Interestingly enough, "Buy Album" sent you to Amazon's UK site and "Download Track" sends you to a choice of 7Digital or iTunes. I'm sure there's a commission involved in both cases, with Virgin Radio retaining a certain percentage of sales driven from its site, but why not drive the listeners to a store within the Virgin? You've got the Virgin Megastore and Virgin Digital in both cases, where the Virgin family would retain one-hundred percent of the sales. Quite interesting indeed.