Tampa Tribune Lays Off 70; At Least 15 Hyperlocal Sites Launching

It’s a too-familiar scenario these days — the announcement that personnel in traditional areas are being laid off or bought out while resources are diverted to digital. It’s rarely a quid pro quo as far as I can tell but it helps companies frame cuts as positives in quasi-Orwellian speak. Yesterday’s installment was courtesy of Discovery, which sliced 200 jobs while promising to add some in digital. Today we have Media General’s Tampa Tribune, which is expanding its Tampa Bay Online operations to include hyperlocal sites while cutting 70 staff jobs; the paper currently employs about 1,335. The lengthy press release (via Romenesko) lists the cuts and expansion as part of a batch of changes.
Hyperlocal plans: Online vet Rusty Coats, VP/GM of TBO.com and Tampa Bay Online, provided some more detail about the hyperlocal plans via email. Coats: “Basically, we


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