Nokia/Qualcomm Patent Battle Goes On


Nobody really expected Nokia and Qualcomm to resolve their differences in opinion on the value of each company’s patents by Monday (the expiry date of their old agreement), and despite the companies saying they are still in negotiations I don’t think anyone expects any agreement to be reached without some external influence. Nokia paid $20 million to Qualcomm last week to use its patents for the second quarter of this year, according to Reuters, which is about a tenth of what it would have paid under the old licensing agreement. Naturally Qualcomm isn’t satisfied, and has asked the American Arbitration Association to rule that “Nokia’s use of its patents after April 9 would amount to a choice by the Finnish company to extend their existing pact and pay the same royalty rate”. Qualcomm claims that Nokia’s $20 million payment is “an acknowledgment of its obligation to compensate Qualcomm for the use of those patents” (release) which was never in question — the debate was over the worth of the patents. Computerworld also reports that Qualcomm believes it does not use or need any of Nokia’s patents, which would certainly harm the bargaining position of the handset manufacturer. It seems there will be lengthy litigation before this is settled.
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