Google’s Next TV Ad Sales Deal: DirecTV: Report

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VentureBeat is reporting that Google is close to its second major TV ad sales deal, this time with another satellite player DirecTV. The Liberty-controlled company is the largest U.S. satellite broadcast service with 16 million subscribers. Earlier VB correctly reported on Dish deal…Google announced the Dish Network deal earlier this month, where it would sell and select some of the ads shown to EchoStar’s 13.1 million satellite TV subscribers.
The deal closing is taking more time than expected, the story says, because DirecTV is in the middle of an ownership control transfer from News Corp to Liberty, but will eventually go through.
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I think these Google developments may, in the long-run, be a major boon to online advertising.

Something about this just "clicked."

I've been reading Media 3.0, and found Shelly Palmer's <a href="">essay about the coming TV/Video Web Inversion</a> pretty interesting. His major point is that web advertising is so "young" it can't really handle all the billions of advertising dollars that TV can currently handle. Also, it seems like advertisers (though increasingly web-friendly) don't treat it in the same way.

But, iamgine if Google becomes the one they buy TV ads from. The step to buying web ads, from the very same company, is very tiny.

This could break down some major barriers.

– Kimberly

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