Jamba Lauches Record Label, Promotes First Act Via New Networked Community


News Corp’s Jamba, known outside of Germany as Jamster, has launched a record label, JamStar Records, and an ambitious strategy to create a social community around the artists, according to a German-only e-mail press release. The move is clearly a bid by Jamba to move beyond the ringtone and downloadable content market that has since become a commodity and move a few notches up the value chain.

The first group signed to the JamStar label is Chat A Nuga, a trio that sings in German, English and Spanish. Beyond promoting the act, Jamba is using the music content to jumpstart interest in its fledgling social community Zooo. Members at Zooo, an online community Jamba quietly launched last December, will vote to decide which Chat A Nuga video will be released first.

All this activity is web-based for the moment, but a press spokesperson told me the company will naturally use all its channels to connect with customers, so it’s plausible that Jamba will offer Chat A Nuga content, such as ringtones and the rest, for download to mobile phones. Likewise, Zooo, which is still in beta, could easily follow the path of other social communities such as MySpace and go mobile

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