CVC Will Appeal Ruling Barring DVR Storage Service

Last month, Cablevision lost the first round of a legal battle over its plans to launch a network-based DVR service that would allow users to view shows from a remote server as if on their own DVRs. U.S. District Judge Denny Chin sided with the studios and networks opposing the plan, saying, “The RS-DVR is clearly a service, and I hold that in providing this service, it is Cablevision that does the copying.” Cablevision, not known for backing down, now says it will appeal the ruling. COO Tom Rutledge’s statement via Reuters: arguing that a remote-storage DVR is the same as a personal DVR “that merely enables consumers to exercise their well-established rights to time-shift television programming. … We continue to believe strongly that remote-storage DVR is permissible under current copyright laws.”
Cablevision Loses Network DVR Case In Court