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Wal-Mart Sold 3K Download Movies In First Month; Akimbo On PCs

In a general AP story about offline retailers looking to start online movie services, a good factoid about Wal-Mart, which launched its online movie download service in Feb: it has sold 3,000 movie downloads in its first month. Not sure what their benchmarks were, but it seems a bit low.
Also, Best Buy is mulling launching its own service, even though it thinks it can keep its DVD business going for a long time. It expects HD discs and traditional DVDs aimed at collectors will keep customers returning to stores.
In related news, Akimbo, the IP-VOD service, is moving onto the PC, after being retailed mainly as a TV-VOD service: it will be available in beta mode on Windows XP and Vista-based PCs next week. The company also said that users will able to burn Akimbo content onto recordable DVDs starting in the summer. Also, it is partnering with the NHL to make Stanley Cup playoff games available on their player 48 hours after the initial live broadcast. Details in release.

3 Responses to “Wal-Mart Sold 3K Download Movies In First Month; Akimbo On PCs”

  1. That is definitely very low, at least at face value. If they did have internal benchmarks, I'd guess they were much higher, this is after all, Walmart.

    Who knows how big video downloads will ever be, but much the same way consumers never really wanted to pay for text content (and free, ad supported content took off), I suspect the same thing will happen to video content. This, of course, does not mean that video advertising will be all about the pre-roll…